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As a fan of Filipino-Chinese cuisine, Good Taste here in Baguio City has been on my radar for a couple of months, especially since my last visit in May with the family. We decided to return, and this time it was our top priority. Overall, the experience was truly awesome. It’s one of those food places you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Baguio City. I must say the experience was quite okay, with a little bit of in some areas.

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On the outside, you’ll notice a long line, and I have to say, it’s a bit off-putting for me. When I go to a restaurant, I prefer not to wait too long, though I understand it’s expected, especially at a tourist spot like this. However, it’s not the ideal place for me if I’m very hungry. The line is quite long, but thankfully, since we were only three, we could get in ahead of others who were in larger groups.

The restaurant is impressive—it spans three floors, offering a wide variety of food and attracting a large crowd. While the outside may seem crowded, the interior is surprisingly spacious. I appreciated that despite the visible crowd outside, once you’re inside, it doesn’t feel cramped. You don’t feel rushed to leave immediately, and that’s a positive aspect for me. So, my opinion changed once I stepped inside; it’s a very spacious place.


The staff is exceptionally friendly. Despite dealing with a constant stream of people day in and day out, they manage to maintain a smile. It could be that they’re just used to it, but for me, having worked in food service, I know it’s not always easy to keep a smile after a long shift. However, I must commend these folks; they do a good job. Additionally, they have this unique feature—a robot cat that serves food, adding to the highlights of the shop.

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I didn’t get the chance to try everything, but I did opt for the best sellers: lumpiang Shanghai, siomai, siopao, and butter chicken. They offer a wide array of Filipino-Chinese cuisine, and it seems like you’d need to visit at least 20 times to appreciate all the diverse dishes. I want to emphasize that the food diversity is impressive.

The portion sizes are generous, so I’d recommend going with at least three to four people. This way, you can sample a variety of dishes. Having more than that in your group is even better, as it allows you to try an extensive selection of the menu.


Let’s discuss a couple of items starting with the Shumai. I won’t claim it’s the best, but it’s decent compared to local options. However, it doesn’t make it to my top 5 list. I must admit it’s still good, especially when paired with the garlic chili oil and soy sauce. While it may not be the absolute best for me, it’s still enjoyable.

Moving on to the Lumpiang Shanghai, it’s more than okay—it’s actually quite good. The sauce complements it well, providing a nice touch that I find very satisfying.

Now, the Butter Chicken is a bit tricky. Having tried various versions in the past, I would say there are better ones out there. However, considering you’re in this place, the portion size stands out as notably larger, which is a positive aspect. Although the taste may not be as satisfactory as some I’ve had before, the generous portion makes up for it to some extent.

I almost forgot to mention the wonderful cake they offer—it’s very moist, and I absolutely love it.

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Overall Experience:

I would say the overall experience is something you should consider when visiting Baguio. While you might not find the top-notch food, the experience is complemented by generous portions. If your primary focus is on exquisite flavors, this might not be the best choice. However, if you’re up for trying something that aligns with common tourist preferences, this is the place to be. The serving sizes are good, the staff is friendly, and the food, while not outstanding, is satisfactory.


Regarding the price, we spent around $22 in total, which is quite nice for us.


Based on my experience at Good Taste in Baguio City, I would definitely come again. Next time, I’ll be more prepared and perhaps opt for more vegetables instead of overdoing it with the butter chicken. I’ll skip the Shumai but still make an effort to order items like the Lumpiang Shanghai. Overall, it was a great experience.

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