You Are an Egotistical Person !

Calling someone Egotistical

I received a message calling me egotistical. A few days later, I found it hilarious because once upon a time, I called someone else egotistic. It’s funny how life gives you a taste of your own medicine.

Let me tell you about the person I called egotistic, whom we’ll name Jay for simplicity. I didn’t say it to his face because I was a bit scared, and back then, confronting someone better than me was the last thing I wanted to do.

Jay and I worked for the same company, and later, we both got promoted. He became the supervisor, and I was his tech lead. There’s no doubt he is better than me in many ways. He’s the third person I admire after my dad and my older brother.


Anyway, Jay started his own company, and I was hired to handle his social media. That’s when I began to dislike him. I was excited initially because Jay and I were inseparable and worked really hard. If I worked 12 hours, he would work 14. We were the perfect team. But once he owned the business, he became a perfectionist. He was on my back day in and day out, and I was so stressed. I thought he was egotistical, always thinking he was better than me. In hindsight, I can’t blame people who call me egotistic. I remember thinking Jay was one, but now I realize he wasn’t. He wanted people to learn.


If we check the definition of egotism, it means caring only about yourself and your own needs. But that’s vague. What if Jay’s needs were also the needs of many? If you are the center of a company, wouldn’t it be logical to demand the best since you represent the company’s name? I remember making a grammar error, and since he managed a writing business, of course, he would be mad at me. Would that be egotistical?

How can someone like me separate ego from confidence? Is Jay just confident in his skills, while I’m so insecure that instead of improving, I call him egotistic to mask my inadequacy? I’m not sure. However, these are the things I can share. Some people might call you names, but from my experience, sometimes it’s our own insecurities making us do so. Don’t mind us; we have to deal with our insecurities ourselves.


Looking at Jay now, he has four companies. I have no doubt that if I had called him egotistic to his face, he would have brushed it off. He was focused on his goals, and unstoppable. Labeling someone as egotistic might just be your insecurity reflecting back at you.


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Author: Ian Tanpiuco
Ian Tanpiuco is an ESL and virtual assistant. With a decade of experience, he has become an expert in his field. Dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, Ian works tirelessly in the classroom or as a virtual assistant.