IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Bags

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Bags

  • Do you usually carry a bag?
  • Do you change your bags often?
  • What kind of bags would you use when traveling?
  • Is a bag an ideal gift?
  • Did you use a backpack when you were a child?

1. Do you usually carry a bag?

Since it’s school vacation, I don’t usually carry a bag now. However, next school year, I’m expected to have a bag. And of course, since I have my gadgets, I need to carry them in my shoulder bag. But whenever I just go outside, I have my fanny pack with me, which contains my phone and some stuff.

2. Do you change your bags often?

I replace my bag at least twice a year. It’s not because they are worn out, it’s just that I prefer a different style every two years, so I tend to buy a new one and then just dispose of the old ones.

3. What kind of bags do you use when traveling?

I tend to travel light, so I only use a backpack. I cram everything from my laptop to my personal clothing in it. Additionally, I have a sling bag where I put my passport and some cash, especially if I’m traveling abroad, along with my phone.

4. Is a bag an ideal gift?

For boys, we don’t really care about what you’re giving, and if you want to make a good impression, then of course, buying a bag for a guy would be a good choice. However, if you’re planning to give it to a woman, it’s a bit trickier because women tend to have specific tastes when it comes to bags. But for boys, they all appreciate it. They may or may not use it, but they will still appreciate the gesture.

5. Did you use a backpack when you were a child?

It is common to see kids carrying a backpack when they go to school, but for me, I never really had one. I always had a shoulder bag because I used to carry a lot of books with me. I would just put everything in my shoulder bag.

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