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Pala-Blockbuster Palabok: My Top 3 Palabok Picks

Pala-Blockbuster Palabok: My Top 3 Palabok Picks

When I was young, I couldn’t really imagine myself enjoying palabok. However, after some time, my taste buds developed, and I started to appreciate its unique flavors. Living in Pampanga, the food capital of the Philippines, I can confidently say that we have some of the best palabok options available. While people may argue about which one is the absolute best, today I want to focus on my top three favorites.

Palabok Top 3 : Manga Inasal

Starting with Mang Inasal’s palabok, the noodles are excellent. They use a white, thin noodle variety that has a distinctive texture. The sauce is flavorful, although I find it tends to be a bit overwhelming, not balanced in its quantity. Nevertheless, it’s still a decent option. The serving size is satisfactory, but what disappoints me is that it lacks suitable accompaniments. Palabok, in my opinion, should be paired with something to enhance the overall experience. Unfortunately, Mang Inasal’s menu doesn’t offer suitable partners for it. That’s the main reason why it takes the third spot on my list.


Palabok Top 2 : Jollibee

Moving on to my second favorite, Jollibee’s palabok takes the spotlight. I’ve tried both the solo order and the version with chicken, and I must say, I prefer it with the chicken. As mentioned before, I really value having a complementary element with my palabok. What I appreciate about Jollibee’s version is its delicious sauce. However, I’m not a fan of their noodles. They tend to be a bit soggy all the time, unlike the texture of my top three choices. It’s hard to describe, but they always feel wet. Despite that, the overall taste is still enjoyable. They also add crushed chicharon, which adds a lot of flavor, and they include shrimp. Although they only provide a single slice of boiled egg, when paired with their famous Chickenjoy, it becomes a delightful combination.


Palabok Top 1 : Sussies Cuisine

At the top of my list is Sussie’s Cuisine. I’m not entirely sure why, but it always gives me a sense of home. As a Kapampangan no longer residing there, whenever I crave Kapampangan food, Sussie’s Cuisine is always the first place that comes to mind. Their palabok and siomai are the dishes I truly savor. The noodles they use are not thick, but they offer a generous serving size. The sauce is exceptionally tasty, complementing the dish perfectly. Moreover, the price is reasonable for the portion you receive. Now, when it comes to the ideal partner for palabok, it would undoubtedly be their siomai. I’ve tried many varieties, but none compare to Sussie’s Cuisine siomai. They have maintained its excellent quality over the years. I wouldn’t mind waiting a few days to indulge in it, rather than settling for a readily available, inferior option. However, if they can make it even more flavorful in the future, why not? But for now, it’s as close to perfection as it can get. I often imagine having it for breakfast, and it’s an ideal way to start the day.