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Food Review: Is Shah G’s Resto Second to Naan?

Food Review: Is Shah G’s Resto Second to Naan?

How did I know Shah G’s Indian restaurant?

I always keep searching for a new Indian place after I tried Rasoi, Rangoli, Mother India, and Krishna’s Place and one new place was very near to me. One of my favorite places, Rangoli is also near to this place. Thus, I have two options in the future.

How to get there?

  • From Balibago go to Abacan Bridge.
  • Abacan Bridge and go straight to Manila N Rd.
  • You will see a police station before Angeles University Foundation.
  • Turn right before the police station.

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What do I like about Shah G’s Indian restaurant?

  1. Compare to Mother India, Shah G offers samosas. When I visit any Indian restaurant, I usually check the appetizers. Also, most Filipinos like samosas.
  2. Next is their pakora. I haven’t had the chance to finish it in one sitting. 
  3. They have a large portion size. Rangoli and Rasoi both have six inches of naan but Shah’s have ten inches. 
  4. Prices are reasonable, they are located in front of a university so most of their customers are students so they adjust their pricing.
  5. They accept text messages for advanced orders. I get my order for five minutes. 

What are the areas for improvement?

  1. Since the business just started two months ago, the kitchen ventilation is not fully set. I did cry because of the spices went into my eyes when they are cooking. 
  2. I haven’t seen any available toilet that is accessible. 
  3. It seems that the place is good for takeout as the space is limited.
  4. I asked them to make aloo gobi which is not on their menu. They did make one for us but not as good as Rangoli or Rasoi.

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How to reach Shah G’s Resto?

You can reach them on their Facebook Fanpage.