Business Builder 

Business Builder is a two-level Business English course for adults who needs English for their work. 

This course can help low-level English to be able to converse in English in a professional setup. The students will learn different topics that they will surely use in a business setup, such as introducing themselves, making a presentation, and asking for details. 

Course Features

  • Graded grammar syllabus and functional vocabularies
  • Workbooks with Audio, for self-study
  • Guide in pronunciation

Course Details

Tier Entry CEF Level Target CEF Level No. Weeks Recommended Sessions
Tier 1 PA1 A2 12 Weeks 5 Days (50 Session)
Tier 2 A2 B1 12 Weeks 5 Days (50 Session)

Business Builder – Tier 1


Lesson Communication Grammar Vocabulary
Welcoming Meeting People Be: Simple Present Introductions 

Alphabet A to Z

Saying where you’re from Be: Questions

Where… ? 

Preposition: in and near

Offering and asking for drinks/food Article: A and An Drinks
Numbers Telephone numbers and email addresses What is … ?

It is…

My and Yours

Numbers from 0 to 10

Email addresses

Asking About Timetables What time…? When… ? Numbers 11 to 59
Buying Food Plurals 

How much?

Numbers 60 to 100

Numbers 60 to 100


Work Talking about your job Present simple: positive and questions (I/you) Jobs


Describing a company  Present Simple: positive and questions (he/she/it/we/they) High numbers, decimals

Business verbs, and nouns

Talking about daily routines Present simple: negative 

Be: negative

Daily routine verbs before/after, early/late
Information Coping with difficult language Could … ?

How … ?




Writing simple email Possessive adjectives

Possessive ‘s and of

Simple email language
Using the internet can/can’t Computer language
Places Asking about business facilities There is /are 

Need (to)

Business facilities
Asking for and giving directions imperative Inside buildings

Ordinal numbers

Talking about your home Adjectives


In and around the home
Action Talking about life at work Adverb of frequency

A lot (of) / lots (of)

International business activities
Saying what you’re doing at the moment Present Continuous Time reference to the present
Saying what you do in your spare time Gerund Sports and leisure activities.
Meeting Arranging to meet Prepositions with ties and dates Months


Discussing future arrangements Present continuous

Future arrangements


Why… ?

Travel language
Buying train tickets Would like to 

Want to

Train tickets and reservations
Reporting Talking about past events Be: past simple

How many … ?

Time references to the past
Giving an update Past simple:

Regular verbs

Business trips
Talking about holidays Past simple:

Irregular verbs (1)

Holiday and travel language
Communication Exchanging information by email Past simple: irregular verbs object pronouns Documents and attachments
Making telephone calls Will: spontaneous decisions and offers Telephone expressions
Talking about the weather and climate Review of present and past tenses The weather
Progress Making comparisons Comparatives Comparing products and services
Making choices superlatives Opinions
Checking in for a flight Countable and Uncountable nouns


Airport language
Plans Making plans Suggestions: Shall I / we… ?
Let’s …
Sequencing and discussing priorities
Describing plans Future with going to Objectives
Staying at a hotel Have got Hotel language
Sales Discussing how business is going Adverbs of manner Company performance
Discussing sales and orders much/many: questions Sales and orders

Market forces

Shopping this/these Shopping language

Business Builder – Tier 2


Lesson Communication Grammar Vocabulary
Introductions Talking about your job Present simple: positive and negative Responsibilities
Talking about products and services Present Simple: Questions Business Activities
Eating Out Understanding menu
Ordering a meal
Teamwork Discussing work in progress Present Continuous Projects
Discussing strengths and weaknesses Gerund Skills and personal characteristics
Talking about your interests Sports and leisure

Likes and dislikes

Choices Comparing offers Comparative as … as Quotes and orders
Discussing requirements Superlatives Needs analysis
Describing places Location and geography

Travel recommendations

Experience Discussing past performance Be: past simple 

Too / enough

Describing products
Discussing past projects Past simple: regular and irregular verbs Problems and solutions
Talking about the weekend Life at home
Arrangements Making arrangements will/shall: offers and suggestions Communication
Confirming arrangements Present tenses as future Confirmation by email
Sightseeing Tourist information
Objectives Forecasting Will: predictions Probability
Discussing aims First conditional Aims
Booking a flight Reservations
Success Talking about your education and career Present perfect
Past simple
Career history
Giving an update Present Perfect: yet/already/so far Good news and bad news
Discussing interesting experiences Describing feelings and experiences
Media Understanding business news Present perfect: today, this week (month/year) Trends
Financial markets
Talking about the economy Review of tenses Economic indicators
Discussing what is on TV Television programs
Strategy Describing a business concept Passive: present simple, past simple Marketing and advertising
Discussing strategies Adverbs of manner Business development
Using the internet Website language
Solutions Discussing ideas Second conditional Suggestions
Making decisions Should, have to Recommendations
Dealing with problems Travel problems
Transport Describing how things work Prepositions: position and movement Size and dimensions
Describing safety procedures must Healthy and safety
Using tourist facilities Accommodation and facilities
Agendas Attending meetings Time clauses Meetings
Passing on information Reported speech Reactions and decisions
Welcoming visitors Polite phrases

Small talk

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